Our subscription program provides you with access to the lastest release of the application as it becomes available, at no additional cost to you beyond your subscription rate.

Our three tier price structure is based on the size of your business. So Logging companies would look at the Annual Tickets and a Trucking only company would look at the Trucks to determine the price tier. For example, a Logging Company that has 750 Loads or Tickets per year would be in Tier 2; and a Trucking company with 2 Trucks would be in Tier 1.

StumpGeek Subscription

Purchase a yearly license to use StumpGeek. With the subscription, you will receive all new releases and defect corrections, including new features. You will always have access to the latest version of StumpGeek. An internet connection isn't required at all times to run StumpGeek, only when you initially register and when you renew.

We believe this is the most cost effective solution, while providing additional benefits to keep your business running as the industry and you evolve.

Purchase includes:
  • StumpGeek Installer (Download)
  • Registation Key
  • 2 Hours Free Technical Support in Year 1
Tier Annual Tickets Trucks Annual
1 < 400 1 to 2 $500.00
2 400 to 999 3 to 5 $600.00
3 1000 + > 5 $700.00

StumpGeek will work for one year from your purchase date. As you approach your renewal date, you will be contacted to renew, and the application will prompt you to go online to check your license.

+ Tax

Installation and Training Service

Not sure where to start or how to fully take advantage of StumpGeek for your business? Please contact us to discuss potential options to help you accelerate your usage of StumpGeek.

Don't forget about our free training videos, available here.

Technical Support

We definitely want to hear from you regarding your experience with the software, along with issues or enhancements that would improve the user experience.

At this time, our policy is to have a pre-paid "bank" of support time, which you can use as needed when you call for support. While we do not require customers to pre-purchase a 2-hour support bank, we strongly encourage it so that if you call in with a support question, our team is able to assist you without requiring pre-payment. Time can then be used by our team when you call. We reduce your support bank by the time we spend assisting you. If you do not use all your banked time in a year, it carries over to the next year. Please note: If you do not have time in your support bank, we will require a minimum one hour payment via credit card at our hourly rate of $125.00/hr - at a minimum of two hours of banked time. To avoid delays, we highly recommend always having support time available in your Support Bank. If you pre-purchase it so that you have time in your bank before you call, the hourly rate is $90 per hour instead of $125 per hour.

*Please note* - The two hours of support time commences upon the initial confirmation of the License Agreement, whether using StumpGeek as a trial or paid licensed subscription.

Unused support time will be allocated to your support bank for future use.