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May - 2024

Necessity: The Mother of Invention When Wesley Bushor took over his father’s logging business with his brother, Wayne Jr., in the 1990s, they made a conscious decision to closely track all their data. Over the years that followed, Bushor chose to buy his own stumpage rather than be a contract logger for other companies. He quickly realized when he began logging that the only way to be successful was to understand his averages.

A Logger’s Concern Transforms into a Vision Hearing how others were frustrated with the time-consuming and inefficient nature of their paperwork, Bushor’s primary goal was to provide loggers with the tools necessary to manage their businesses more efficiently, focusing on understanding and utilizing the “power of averages” so they could make informed decisions. A secondary goal was to help them present a more professional persona, whether it be in the accuracy and appearance of the statements provided to landowners, the payment paperwork shared with contractors, or the cost and production data loggers share with the mills during rate negotiation.

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StumpGeek - A


May 31, 2023

Caribou Software is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the StumpGeek forestry software system to extend its product offering to smaller logging contractors and sawmills.

“Over the years, we’ve spoken to many, many logging contractors and small sawmills who move 10 to 30 loads a week and need a simple way to pay trucking subs and ensure they are receiving payment for all their loads, but they don’t need the full capabilities of our Logger’s Edge and Cutting Edge systems,” says Teresa Hannah, President and Co-Founder of Caribou. “StumpGeek allows us to assist those smaller, simpler companies at a price point that works for their budget.”

The StumpGeek product was originally designed by Wesley Bushor, a logging contractor in Wisconsin, who wanted a better system then the interlinked spreadsheet he had developed over his 30 years of harvesting timber to keep up with his own logging business. He partnered with a professional software developer, and the two of them first launched StumpGeek into the market in 2015. StumpGeek’s existing client base is mostly centered in the Midwest, but it also encompasses companies in Arkansas, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

This spring, Wesley approached Caribou to explore Caribou’s interest in acquiring StumpGeek. According to Wes, “While I very much enjoyed the process of designing and building the software and offering a product to help my fellow loggers manage their business better, I realized that I really wanted to focus on new projects as well as continuing with my logging business. I know that StumpGeek has a lot of potential to serve a much larger customer base, in turn helping more timber professionals manage their business, which was always my goal, I believe Caribou’s proven track record for reaching logging contractors is best for the future of the product. I look forward to continuing to use StumpGeek in my logging business and plan to remain as a resource for Caribou in an advisory role. I am glad that Caribou will manage the product that has been such a big focus in my life and am very thankful to the customers of StumpGeek.”

“Caribou grew our business from roughly 25 customers in 2004 to over 300 today, and we believe that the StumpGeek product has the same potential for growth,” says Teresa. “It offers the simplicity needed by small loggers and sawmills, with a rich enough feature set that it can accommodate a variety of types of companies including log harvesting companies, log transportation companies, timber brokers, and the many small sawmills spread across the United States. We look forward to filling the very real needs of this segment of the forestry industry.”

In addition to tracking production volumes, revenue, and payments associated with load tickets, StumpGeek also has a “Work Log” for tracking things like truck mileage, fuel costs, road-building hours, and other types of non-load-based work. It even has a “Money Log” that serves as an electronic checkbook. It is a great way to track and report upon the majority of data that a logger or small sawmill needs to provide to their accountants at the end of each year. For simple companies, the Money Log can even serve as a replacement for Quickbooks or Quicken, while offering much more functionality specific to timber companies.

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Caribou Software has been in the business of providing critical data management and job costing software solutions for the forestry industry for more than 15 years. Over 300 logging contractors, timber dealers, and small to mid-sized sawmills and chipping facilities rely on our systems to manage their load tickets and time sheets, pay contractors and employees, reconcile revenue, and monitor their job costing and productivity statistics.

Its easy-to-use, affordable systems help companies in the timber industry reduce costs and manage the economics of their business so they can stay in business!