The Value of Customer Feedback

At Caribou Software, we love to hear how our customers are enjoying their time using the StumpGeek program for all their logging needs. It's also important for us to hear about what the software doesn't do well, as this gives us an opportunity to determine where to focus our efforts when it comes time for system improvements.

While many of our current StumpGeek users are in the the Midwest, we do have users in other regions as well including New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South who enjoy the benefits of tracking their production with ease. With an industry-specific product like StumpGeek, we have put together some of the feedback we've gathered from Owner/Operators to provide peace of mind for others looking into ways of saving time & money.

Customer Testimonials

"I had no efficient way to track any of my load tickets, my production, or my pricing information. I just hoped that the mill was paying me properly and that my trucking contractors were billing me properly. It was chaos and no way to run a business.

StumpGeek is great for paying my trucking contractors. I try to keep up with my tickets during the week, so when I go to pay my contractors every two weeks, all the tickets are in, and it’s fast and easy to automatically create the trucker statements with just a few clicks. Plus, the software lets me see how much my own trucks haul versus my contractors, and what I make on each of those loads.

The more I use it, the more I want to use it!”

~ Greg Tibbetts
Tibbetts Trucking Inc. - Finland, MN

StumpGeek - A

"I stumbled upon StumpGeek while browsing the internet for a software program that would make my life a little easier ... that’s exactly what I have found! We are a small 2 man crew and this program has made such a difference for me! It is so simplified and it pertains to our business just perfectly!"

~ Desi
Brandon Valley Logging and Land Clearing - Center Ossipee, NH

"Stump Geek is THE best software for a small to medium sized logging business as it allows easy mill ticket entry as well as quick printout for payment statements. This program is cost effective for a small business owner and allows for professional presentation of all our statements. Furthermore, it has reduced our time in the office by streamlining payouts and allowing for a quick reference for mill tickets. Could not imagine going back to paper and pen statements."

~Karie and Jimmy Thums
Owners of Flannel Fleet Logging, LLC - Medford, WI.

"A couple years ago, I was looking for a different log load accounting software. I found StumpGeek to be a simple and yet very powerful program. It was designed by a logger, for loggers. I think it is just right for the small to medium sized logger."

~Mark E. Turner
Turner Logging, Inc. - Banks, OR

"I come from a logging family and have been doing the bookwork for our logging company for the past 12 years. Before using StumpGeek, I did my best to track our loads, sub-contractor payments, stumpage payments, etc in excel spreadsheets. And though it was helpful in recording the data, there wasn’t an easy way to use that data for making business decisions – sifting through all the numbers took so much time.

I must say StumpGeek has been a huge blessing! The “Timber Tickets Log” makes it quick and easy to enter all the information about a load in one place – especially with the “Log It & Clone” feature! After the info is entered, it only takes a few clicks to generate the payment statements for sub-contractors and landowners. However, my favorite functions are “Search & Filter” and “Summary & Detailed Reports” that allow me to easily track our income and expenses in different ways (ie: by mill, contractor, job, wood species and/or type, time-frame, etc) that we can use to make good, data-driven business decisions."

Enterprise Forest Products - Pelican Lake, WI

“As a testament to StumpGeek’s effectiveness and efficiency, a few years ago our company was struggling to keep up with our paperwork. We knew there was a “leak” somewhere, but were struggling to find it. We adopted StumpGeek, which allowed us to easily enter the data, analyze it and quickly got our business back on track.”

~Logging contractor in Wisconsin

“I’ve been really glad I made the decision to go with StumpGeek, even though I was hesitant to make the time to learn something new. It’s not only saved me a lot of time with my landowner and contractor pay; it’s also really enhanced my professionalism. My landowners and foresters really appreciate the statements and reports I can give them, and I’m able to easily pull data that I need for reporting to the State of Maine each year based on our harvest notification numbers.”

~ Jacob Pendleton
Pendleton Forest Products - Hope, ME

Installation and Training Service

Not sure where to start or how to fully take advantage of StumpGeek for your business? Please contact us to discuss potential options to help you accelerate your usage of StumpGeek.

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Technical Support

We definitely want to hear from you regarding your experience with the software, and issues or enhancements that would improve the user experience. Additional hourly support and training can be purchased as needed via blocks of support time: These support banks can be purchased in blocks of 2 hours at a time at $170 per two-hour block. (Unused time does not expire.)

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