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With the release of Logged It 1.2, we are excited to offer multiple options to purchase a license to Logged It. Our new subscription program provides you with access to the lastest version of Logged It as it becomes available at no additional cost to you beyond your subscription rate.

GLTPA & ACLT Members are entitled to a 10% discount.

LoggedIt Subscription

Purchase a yearly license to use Logged It. With the subscription, you will receive all new releases and defect corrections to Logged It, including new features. You will always have access to the latest version of Logged It, and will have the option to swap out your current flash drive with new releases or updates at no additional cost. An internet connection isn't required at all times to run Logged It, only when you initially register and when you renew.

We believe this is the most cost effective solution, while providing additional benefits to keep your business running as the industry and you evolve.

Purchase includes:
  • Flash Drive w/ LoggedIt Installer
  • Registation Key
  • User Pamphlet
  • 4 Instances Free Technical Support Annually. A $300 value

Annual: $500.00 / Year

Logged It will work for one year from your purchase date. As you approach your renewal date, you will be contacted to renew, and Logged It will also prompt you to go online to check your license.

Shipping and Handling included.

+ Tax

LoggedIt 1 One-Time Purchase

Purchase a license for LoggedIt 1, and get indefinite usage, with no internet connection needed. You will be able to receive all defect corrections as part of updates to the LoggedIt 1 version.

Purchase a package that includes:
  • Flash Drive w/ LoggedIt Installer
  • Registation Key
  • User Pamphlet

Technical Support and Training: $75/instance

Subscribers interesting in ending their subscription, can opt to buy-out and obtain a One-Time license key that will allow the software to continue working. This would lock you in the current available release with full access to all your existing data.

Price: $2500

Subscription Buy-Out: $2000

Shipping and Handling included.

+ Tax

LoggedIt On-Site Installation and Training Service

Not sure where to start or how to fully take advantage of Logged It for your business? Then this service may be an option for you. For a mileage fee and hourly rate on-site, we'll send a representative to your home or office to do the following:

  • Help with installation to you computer.
  • Provide initial setup configuration for your business.
  • Provide hands-on training on using all the logs and features you need.

Don't forget about our free training videos, available here. Also, watch for FISTA courses in Wisconsin

$1.00 / Mile round trip from Tomahawk, WI

$75 / Hour including travel time, minimum 2 hours on-site.

Example: Service provided for 2.5 hours in Butternut, WI, with a round trip mileage of 115.4 miles would be a total of $452.90

LoggedIt Support

We definitely want to hear from you regarding your experience with the software, and issues or enhancements that would improve the user experience. These are taken into consideration for future updates. However, there are times you'll need immediate assistance, either to better understand how the software works or can work for you or to quickly fix an issue unique to your workflow and processes. In these instances, when you need immediate support, we can provide that service to you, with personalized support services.

4 annual instances Free to Subscription Customers


LoggedIt 1 Updates

Version 1.2.9 is NOW available.

Requires an existing registered installation.

Download or contact us to get updates on a new Flash Drive.

Free to download and to Subscription Customers

$19 +tax for Flash Drive Updates