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Using Logged It Business Management Software for Loggers on the Timber Harvesting Job landing

Our Mission

StumpGeek is committed to providing technology and services to the Timber, Lumber and Woodworking Industries. We strive to create and offer user friendly and easy to use tools that simplify managing our customer's business.

StumpGeek endeavors to be a Trusted Technology Partner for our customers.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools needed to run a successful wood products business. We believe that being able to track not only your financials, but also your operational productivity is essential to running a profitable business that will last.

Logged It Business Management Software for Loggers Business Management Software

Logged It is a business management software application designed by a Logger for Loggers, to work the way a timber professional thinks. This new application strives to simplify the management of your timber harvesting business.

Logged It allows you to track your loads of timber hauled by job with the associated money in and money out. The entry forms have built in conversions to do the calculations for you. Invoices or payment statements can then be generated based on the load entries you made, so you can pay the land owner, freight, contractors, etc... Logged It also allows you to track other work related items, such as hours, tanks of fuel, loads skidded, essentially anything else you want to track, summarize, pay, or invoice. Logged It also provides a simple checkbook style money management log, so you can easily track expenses for a job or for your entire business.

Check out the Logged It page for additional details on how this revolutionary software can help your business.

Check out the Logged It Help Series Videos to learn how to get started using the user friendly feature of Logged It.

Version 1.2.9 is available now for purchase and download. Download a 30 day trial copy today and when you purchase a license you can continue where you left off.

We are excited to offer a subscription license plan, allowing access to the latest and greatest Logged It features for either a monthly or annual price. Check out more details on the Pricing page, and as always, please feel free to contact us with any question you might have.

Strategic Relationships

The StumpGeek team is excited about the relationships we have with the GLTPA of Wisconsin and Michigan and the ACLT of Minnesota. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to members of these organizations.

GLTPA supports the Logged It Business Management Software for Loggers

Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association

Look for our booth at the GLTPA Heavy Equipment Expo and Spring Celebration events.

ACLT supports the Logged It Business Management Software for Loggers

Associated Contract Loggers & Truckers

of Minnesota